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LAST REVISION: 02.04.2019

These Valser cookie policies (the "Cookie Policy") describe the various types of cookies in connection with this website, which is under the control of Valser Mineralquellen GmbH, Camp 519, 7132 Vals (hereinafter "Valser "), and from which you are accessing this Cookie Policy (the "Website"). Valser determines the means and purposes of the processing of personal data described herein and has designated Coca-Cola Services NV, a company located at Chaussée de Mons 1424, 1070 Brussels in Belgium, which like Valser belongs to the Coca-Cola Group (hereinafter "Coca-Cola" or "we"), as the controller and owner of the data collection in the sense of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

Depending on the website accessed, our privacy policy also applies in addition to these cookie policies.

You can choose to agree or disagree to the use of cookies before entering the website. This Cookie Policy allows you to grant or deny your consent for each cookie category (except for mandatory cookies that can only be declined).

If you have any questions about these cookie guidelines, please contact us by e-mail at or write us at

Coca-Cola Schweiz GmbH, Stationsstrasse 338306 Brüttisellen


· Cookies are a standard feature of websites and allow us to store small data packets containing information about your visit to our website on your computer. Cookies are generally used to ensure or improve the functionality of websites by allowing them to recognize you and to remember information so that it is more convenient for you to use the website (e.g. by remembering your preferred settings). Cookies also help us understand which parts of the website are useful and where we need to improve. They help us track your usage behaviour in order to provide targeted advertising.

· First-party Cookies und Third-party Cookies

Cookies are downloaded when your browser accesses the website for the first time. The next time you visit the website from the same device, the cookie and the information stored in it will be returned to either the website that created it (first-party cookie) or to another website to which it belongs (third-party cookie).

These third parties set cookies each time you log in to their pages and visit our website. We have no influence on the cookie settings of these websites. Please visit the websites of these third parties for more information on how these providers use cookies.

First-party and third-party cookies allow the website to detect if you have already visited the website using the same browser. In many cases, custom content will be displayed to you.

If you oppose the use of all types of cookies, neither first-party cookies nor third-party cookies are used. There is no differentiation between these types of cookies.

· Permanent cookies and session cookies

Depending on the lifetime, a distinction can be made between "permanent cookies" and "session cookies".

A permanent cookie is a cookie that is stored on your computer until it expires or is deleted.

A session cookie, on the other hand, is deleted when you close the browser.

When visiting our website, in addition to accepting cookies as described below, most browsers allow you to specify in your preferences whether or not to accept cookies. Further details, see point 2 below.


· Disagree with the use of cookies

 You can choose to accept the use of cookies. If you agree to the use of cookies, you will have access to all the functions of our website without any restrictions. If you object to the use of mandatory cookies, the user experience and usability may be compromised. Disapproving other cookies may not affect the user experience and functionality of the Website.

If you decline all cookies, first party and third party cookies are disabled. In addition, first party cookies will be deleted. Third party cookies can not be deleted by us. Therefore, third-party cookies have to be deleted by you. This can be done from the browser settings.

· Disable or delete cookies from browser

Alternatively or in addition, you can change the cookie settings in your browser. In your browser, you have the option to make changes to the cookie settings. These browser settings for cookies are typically found in the submenu "Internet Options", "Tools" or "Preferences" of your Internet browser. You can also look up the help menu of your browser. The procedure for disabling cookies may vary depending on the browser.

Further information about the browser-related settings can be found under the following links:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Chrome

Cookie settings in Safari

As far as the browser settings for the deletion of existing cookies are concerned, the same principles apply as for the deactivation of new cookies via the browser settings. Please note your browser related instructions.

Online tools are available to remove any cookies left by websites you visit, such as

If you visit this website from different computers, you will need to repeat the changes on each device.


Different types of cookies can be used on this website: Mandatory cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, targeting cookies and [social media cookies].

- Mandatory cookies: Mandatory cookies are essential to the functioning of this website and, among other things, ensure that a version of this website adapted to the bandwidth of your internet connection is displayed if you use certain services and functions of this website. In addition, these cookies ensure that switching from http to https works when you change sides. Along with that, these cookies are used to save your choice of how to use cookies.

The mandatory cookies include in particular:

1. Cookies that are used exclusively for the purpose of conducting communication via the Internet, as well as

2. cookies that are strictly required by us in order to be able to provide services or performances explicitly requested by you (i.e. if these cookies are deactivated, the services or performances expressly requested by you can no longer be provided).

The use of mandatory cookies for the purposes described above is based on our legitimate interest in ensuring the proper functioning, accessibility and usability of the website and in providing the services that you have explicitly requested.

- Performance cookies: These cookies are used to provide us with statistical information about the performance of our website (for example, to count page views and traffic sources).

- Functional cookies: These cookies allow the website to remember the options you have selected and to provide enhanced and more personalised features. This category may also include third-party cookies.

- Targeting cookies: Targeting cookies are set in order to be able to display targeted advertisements, based on your interests, on the website or to administer our advertising. These cookies collect information about your activities on this website and other websites in order to display advertising tailored to your needs and interests.

- Social media cookies:  Social media cookies collect social media usage data to create your profile.

Below is a list of different types of cookies used by us and others on this website, along with information about the retention period (i.e. how long the cookies remain on your device), the source (i.e. first party or third party) and the possible transfer of data to countries outside Switzerland and the EU.


You can find out when this privacy policy was last modified by checking the date of "LAST REVISION" at the top of this page.

All planned changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to you well in advance before the changes take effect.

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